With an established history of over 30 years, Anthony Bingo and Son, Inc. has been a family owned and operated custom home building company focused on building a reputable, custom-oriented business. We know the value of a good name and that is why we personally attend to each home we build and choose only the finest craftsmen and materials available. Our vast experience and expertise create unique, custom built residences. We strive to provide the newest and most innovative products that meet the highest standards...ours.

The collective name of Anthony Bingo and Son, Inc. and Anthony Bingo Realtors offers clients the unique combination of home buying and building in the Monroe County area with individual customer care and attention to detail. Our mission is accomplished through a combined effort of conscientious administrative support, subcontractors, mortgage bankers and real estate professionals.

At Anthony Bingo and Son, Inc. and Anthony Bingo Realtors, we understand what it means to build a home. We understand how important it is to use quality materials and expert craftsmen. We recognize the importance of communication and its lasting effect on the outcome of a home. Building a home is more than the actual construction, at Anthony Bingo & Son, et al, building a home is building a lifestyle.

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